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Our Process

At RFC, we begin by understanding your financial objectives - what you want your money to do for you. Are you looking to: Develop a clear game plan? Grow your assets? Minimize taxes? Provide an income stream? Provide for your heirs?

Then, based on your objectives, we design a personalized investment strategy considering your time-horizon, liquidity needs, tax considerations, and risk-preference.

We also help you select an independent custodian (Schwab, Fidelity, Bank of New York, and others), whose key role is to keep your investments safe and secure. The custodian generates your monthly statements and provides you, and only you, with access to your funds.

We implement your strategy through the measured balancing of various asset classes and an optimal investment vehicle selection within each asset class. Once your assets are invested, we continuously monitor the portfolio's performance, making sure it continues to adhere to your stated objectives.

Finally, we provide comprehensive monthly performance reports and periodic face-to-face meetings, to keep you up to date, review your strategy and answer any questions you may have.

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